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The Shannon index has been a popular diversity index in the ecological literature, where it is also known as Shannon's diversity index, the Shannon– Wiener index, the Shannon– Weaver index and the Shannon entropy. Apr 03, 2018 · It engages students in calculating species richness, evenness, and the Shannon diversity index for various habitat types using data from trail cameras in Gorongosa National Park. The activity begins with students exploring the variety of habitat types and species in Gorongosa National Park. Description Package simboot provides estimation of simultaneous bootstrap and asymptotic confidence intervals for diversity indices, namely the Shannon and the Simpson index. Several pre–specified multiple comparison types are available to choose. Further user–defined contrast matrices are applicable. City / Neighborhood Total Population DIVERSITY INDEX White Black/ African American Hispanic or Latino (any race) American Indian/ Alaska Native Asian Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Other Race Two or More Races ANY CITY, ANY STATE 3095313 =D22 1500047 146600 927866 14098 328058 13504 6715 158425