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A great little sewing machine, bought to sew up new roller blind in the bathroom and really happy with what it's capable of and have since made a few tops. Brilliant value-for-money heavy duty sewing machine which saved me 50% of the cost and inconvenience of repairing my swimming pool cover.Checking the timing on a sewing machine Timing. A sewing machine is, at its core, designed to bring the sewing machine needle and the shuttle hook (this runs behind, or above the bobbin, depending on your machine) together at the same time and place. Revo® bag closing machine housing is cast and machined to close tolerance and the parts undergo suitable heat treatment processes making them wear resistant, thus reducing downtime and repair costs. This machine is dependable even under the most adverse operating conditions in an agricultural or industrial environment. I just brought it into a sewing machine service shop for their advertised tuneup for $15 and it turns out it needs a timing/bearing replacement & repair. Cost $70. "Is that even worth it?" I asked, and she told me it's definitely worth it for this...