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有很多人都是因为挂端, hax的问题选择了mod服 也有人使用外置登陆证,但是这就把我们插件服不需要装mod ,随意客户端都能玩的优质体验,这个优点给抹灭了 因为实际上这就和mod服没什么大区别了, 这也就是为什么我不是非常喜欢vv的原因,因为体验上和mod基本一致了 SafeWalk is a late-night safety program run by students for all UNC-affiliated persons. SafeWalk provides students with a pair of DPS-trained student walkers to accompany them between any on-campus and off-campus locations. Operating Hours. SafeWalk operates between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. (Sunday through Thursday). Area of Service SAFEWALK - Night owls Boca Davie954-236-1902 Ft.1Ä1derda1e954-762-5611 Jupiter561-799-8700 Campus security will escort individuals, day or night. Call ahead or go to their offices at Room 155 in the LA Building, Davie to make appropriate arrangements. STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES ▼ Description ► Safewalk/Ninja Bridge Mod, I do not take any credit for the makings of this modification.