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Jun 25, 2015 · The reel drive system must produce the tension required to bend the CT over the tubing guide arch and onto the reel. When CT is retrieved from the wellbore, the hydraulic pressure in the reel motor circuit is increased, providing the torque needed to allow reel rotation to keep up with the extraction rate of the tubing injector. Your one stop shop for all your catfishing gear and catfishing tackle needs. Quality catfishing rods, catfishing reels, and so much more. Reel to Reel Tapes – RECENTLY UPDATED PAGE! R2R Tape FOR SALE. Audio Recording Tapes & Take-Up / pick-up reels 7" and 10.5". Used, New and NOS Open Reel tape by Akai Metal Reels, Ampex 456 Grandmaster / 406 / 407, Ampex 631 / 641, BASF, Maxell XL-II XLII / UD / E35-7, 35-90, 35-180, 50-120B, Realistic Concertape, Realistic Supertape, Scotch 120-12, Scotch 150-1800, Scotch 200-24, Scotch 203 ... PENN Fishing Reels discussion from PENN Reel fans and official support team.