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1 Homes for Sale or Rent in Quail Acres. View homes for Sale or Rent, home values, trending, foreclosure, new homes and much more.Sep 22, 2020 · The largest quail is the Jumbo Coturnix quail, you cannot get any quail larger. These quails are your best bet if you want to keep quail for egg or meat. They are a dual-purpose breed and produce good, large eggs and will supply you with extra meat over and above your normal Coturnix quail. Quail, any of roughly 130 species of small short-tailed game birds classified in the families Phasianidae and Odontophoridae (order Galliformes), resembling partridges but generally smaller and less robust. The 95 species of Old World quail are classified in Phasianidae in either of two subfamilies, Phasianinae or Perdicinae. New World quail ... Cream Legbar Chicks, Easter eggers, Maran, silver Campine, araucana, ayem cemani, Chinese quail, Japanese quail and rare celadon blue egg quail. Poultry & Bees for sale. Cream legbar, Copper Maran, Ayam Cemani... Read more >> More >>