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What is Code P0300? To put it simply, this code means that one of the cylinders in your vehicle misfired and that the misfire was detected and reported by your car’s computer. P0300 is vaguer than other misfire codes and doesn’t provide any insight on which one of the cylinders might have experienced the issue. … Sep 05, 2018 · Cylinder Misfire codes P0304, P130A, P0300 (2010 Audi A4) Also, since you have VCDS, do a throttle body adaptation. That’ll ensure the door is opening/closing properly. Upon leaving Elk Grove the jeep started sputtering and threw a check engine while accelerating onto the freeway. It seemed to do OK at part-throttle, so I limped it home. Putting on the code scanner i'm getting P0300 (Multiple Cylinder Misfire) and P0303 (Misfire Cylinder #3).