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The BIG Puzzle Collection Christmas - Seasonal Artsy Bags Collection ... 550 pieces (Tin) 500 pcs Color-Me. 500 Pieces. 300 pcs Color-Me. 300 Pieces. 250 Pieces. 5000pc+ Puzzles Large jigsaw puzzles, 5000 pcs and more, are not for the timid or puzzle newbies; imagery and features aside, the sheer amount of pieces guarantees a difficult challenge. For jigsaw puzzle experts and the boldly adventurous, these huge jigsaw puzzles represent some of the most difficult accomplishments a puzzler can achieve. The quality of Ravensburger puzzles. ... Ravensburger Softclick Technology guarantees puzzle fun at the highest level, whether you’re a beginner tackling a 300-piece puzzle or a “pro” facing a challenge of up to 40,320 pieces. ... That’s why, even in a 1,000-piece puzzle, there really are 1000 differently shaped pieces It honestly depends on the size of the puzzle you choose. Common puzzles range anywhere from 100-500 pieces, with bigger ones up to 1,000+ pieces, and with the largest available being 42,000 pieces. (Which is a bit too much if you ask us!) For safety of our sanity and yours, we’re going to stay in the 100-2,000 piece range for our post.