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HOMEOSTASIS ↓ The night she died, Laura Kingston was at a housewarming party for her grandparents. They recently moved back up from Georgia and were settling into their new home, just blocks from where her own house was. It was late at night and still people were only just showing up. Homeostasis is the balance in the body which regulates bodily functions. For this project, my group had to design an experiment that would test and show the process of the homeostasis of breathing. To do this, my group designed a test which involved 3 subjects, one of which a control, to perform physical activity and see the change in breathing ... Dec 01, 2015 · Explanations of the concept of homeostasis and subsequent references to the concept suffer from a number of shortcomings. Although these texts define some terms related to homeostatic regulatory systems, many authors do not use these terms consistently. Moreover, they do not always use consistent visual representations of the concept.