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Welcome to the "Diesel Forum!" Diesel Truck Forum and Owners Club! This forum is dedicated to Diesel Trucks and their owners! CUMMINS - POWER STROKE - DURAMAX . We are a tight knit community of like minded enthusiasts who value "on topic", clean discussion. The combustion pressure in diesel engine cylinder rises intensely and the maximum pressure is extremely high compared with a gasoline engine, because of the differences in the combustion methods (see Diesel Engines and Gasoline Engines (2)). As a result, diesel engines generally produce more noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) than gasoline ... Oct 20, 2014 · 2nd clean out EGR easy removed clean with crab cleaner and replace,lots of videos on you-tube. 3rd fill tank with diesel add 2 bottles Wynn’s DPF cleaner and take for long run keeping car at high revs ( no more than 3000) occasionally revving higher. You should find car runs smother and tick over lower .